Tiger Learning

TIGER Learning is Oxhey’s unique system of embedding positive learning behaviours in our children, which enable them to take responsibility and ownership over their own learning.  We aim to empower our pupils to understand that by adopting the learning behaviours of the TIGER characters, they can impact positively on their own achievements. The TIGER characters and their learning behaviours are as follows:

Termites like Travis – Try hard

Iguanas like Indi – Ignore distractions

Gorillas like Gustav – are Group workers

Emus like Enid– are Enthusiastic

Racoons like Rita – Take risks

Find out more about the characters and the Tiger Learning story by clicking on the link below

Tiger Learning Tale booklet scanned

The philosophy behind TIGER learning is rooted in ‘Growth Mindset Theory’, a concept that encourages learners to understand their brain as a muscle that can be trained to develop and grow. Learning from mistakes and developing resilience in our pupils are key to achieving this. The behaviours described by the TIGER characters, particularly those of Travis and Rita, trying hard and taking risks in learning, link significantly to growth mindset theory. For further reading on Growth Mindsets, including simple ways to help your child at home, please check out the suggested websites below.